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Do you have a business message communicated to you customers, employees or stakeholders? An online magazine is the right tool to communicate your message effectively.

For companies who know what they want and who would like to build their own online magazine with our platform. Bringing your content to life, such as newsletters, brochures, business presentations, with our editorial template; quickly and easily.

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3 reasons why you choose an online magazine

Technically, an online magazine can be compared to a website. Yet there are some major differences.

Specific goal

Online magazine publications, responsive to every screen, are excellent if you want to send a business message to your target group within a set time.


Information is presented in a clear linear way to indicate the beginning and end of the publication. It is interactive and you can add videos.

Visitor numbers

To ensure that your website is visited, you will need to focus on SEO (search engine optimization). To ensure that your online magazine is read, you will have to work on your target audience with, for example, an attractive email to introduce your magazine.

About William Digital Agency

William Digital Agency was founded in 2020 by William Janssens in Echt in the Netherlands. He started as a graphic designer by AON in Rotterdam.

William has lived in Tanzania for more than 23 years and has built a strong network in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with an office in SalaSala, Dar es Salaam. The company is a supplier of printed and online publications, such as online magazines, annual reports, brochures, research reports and calendars.