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These sentences highlight the idea of elevation, soaring, and eagle eyes, which all tie into the metaphor of the eagle representing Dutch Tembo's web design expertise.

Our unique strength is our (logo) design, rebranding and strategic capabilities, creative ideas to sell your products and services.

Why us

We strive to bring our clients the best of both worlds, combining Dutch precision with East African creativity to promote your businesses  making them visible to the right target audience..

Design of your business card, a campaign with brochures, posters. A corporate website with or without CMS or publication of your annual report with interactief PDF. These are some or our products we develop for our clients.

We are proud to work for

logo swissportlogo  Ever DesignMakuza logologo GIZUbumuntu LogoMIST LOGOLogo RRJ hair, client DT
Kick box Company In Gatsata, KigaliTIMELINE, Travel and tours company in KigaliFashion company in Dar es Salaam
About William Janssens
William Janssens

As the person behind Dutch Tembo, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is William Janssens. I am from The Netherlands and I help companies with graphic solutions, online and offline. Since 1996 I have been working in Tanzania and Holland full-time with enthusiasm working for my customers. Before that, I was a graphic designer at AON in Rotterdam.

Me and my team like to work in a pleasant and transparent way to realize creative solutions for your company requirements.

Your benefits working with us:
- creative online and offline
- direct lines
- clear communications
- transparent
- experience and professional
- we deliver what we promise

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