Annual report 2019


Challenge: Design/Photography
Client: Swissport Tanzania Plc.

cover design of annual report of Swispport Tanzania 2018 by William Janssens

Since Swissport Tanzania Plc is part of an international brand we are guided by the headquarters brand style guides.

Through Focus design and photography I was involved in publishing the Swissport Tanzania report for more than a decade.

Aside the style guide issues we developed their word and excel documents into a clean, yet powerful annual report within the time frames.

We dedicated ourselves to the task of transforming all data into a visually legible and admirable source of information inclusive dashboard for reading and analysis.

The photography was outsourced from Raqey (viewstudios).

An annual report is a great communication tool if done right.

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Telephone: +31 626109866

cover design by william janssens