This is my first and one of many more posts to come on ideas, tips and insights into the world of corporate publishing in East Africa and on this post we will be particularly focusing on annual reports.

Aside from the financial part which is often regulated bylaw, developing a report is quite a personal journey for most companies as there are a number of significant factors that need to be taken into account before creating an annual report.

An annual report is all about the story behind the decision making process and letting the world know that your company is a force to be reckoned with or better, inform other companies that you are at the top of your industry.

In each of my posts, I will talk about important “building blocks” that you should consider to apply to your work in order to increase the value of it. As we are looking at annual reports in this case there needs to be a number of elements that you should take into consideration when assembling your annual report such as: having a key figures dashboard, vision/mission/value creation model (IN/THROUGH/OUT/OUTCOME), SWOT, CSR, design and photography.

Furthermore, as there is always a continuation to everything, the next topic from this segment will be based on the questions “Should I publish my annual report in portrait or landscape form?” and “What should I base my decision on, when deciding how my annual report should look like before creating it?” 

Karibu Sana,
William Janssens