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Challenge: design and publish Digital magazine
Client: TBL Plc.

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From printed staff magazine to a digital magazine

Transforming your staff magazine, booklet or pdf file into a digital magazine since we are more and more connected to our devices.
There is less demand for printed staff magazines as its distribution is becoming more expensive.

If the desire is to maintain and grow at the same time, then the idea is to reduce cost by using modern technology. This can be done by gaining real feedback from your employees regarding their staff magazines. In this scenario, the change to a digital magazine makes sense.

With a printed booklet you have no way to assess readership. Who is reading what, where and for how long? In a digital magazine, with the use of Google analytics, one can study the pages that are popular and what pages can be left out in next editions. Digital magazines are interactive so your audience can respond to articles through comments and engage in dialogue. Other advantages are, one can use videos and animations in the publications and make links to social media.

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