We design annual reports and staff magazines
Online and offline

Design bureau with strategic insight in East Africa with expertise in the Dutch digital industry.

We are designers

Dutch-Tembo is an independently owned International corporate publishing firm based in Maastricht, The Netherlands and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania that focuses on the corporate sector in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

We cater to the communication departments of corporate companies established in East Africa.

We have gained strategic insight and experience from years of analysing Dar Es Salaam's market to studying the Dutch digital know how industry in The Netherlands. This has enabled us to build a reliable platform to carry out our professional services internationally through the combining of these two innovative worlds together.

Our services include: creating offline and online reports, digital magazines (intranet) such as staff magazines, designing and constructing websites.

Our Specialization

Annual reports
The big question for many companies year after year is “How do we do this?”

At Dutch-Tembo we specialise in designing annual reports for corporates in East African countries, by breaking down complex information and visualizing data through infographics to meet our client’s needs.

Our aim is to help stakeholders understand the company’s work in a more coherent and well-presented manner. We help you develop a value creation model for your company that will send the right message.

Digital magazines
We design engaging and interactive digital magazines. These designs are responsive and can easily be viewed on mobile screens, tablets and desktops.

The data collected through usage can be analysed in-depth to gather information about visitor’s activity on your magazine. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business using Google Analytics.

Digital magazines are free of printing costs, can be widely distributed on a global scale as it has a higher impact and adjustments can be made immediately making production faster.

See our digitalmagazine.dutchtembo.com

We design websites using Webflow technology and Adobe XD.

In recent years we have noticed that customers want to have control over their websites which is why we have opted for webflow technology. This software enables our clients to freely edit, maintain and customise their website as it has proven to be secure and reliable.

Dutch-Tembo offers Brand Identity such as Logo Design services which has been gained from over 20 years of experience in the
Dar Es Salaam Market.

We also design books, book covers, banners, corporate stationery such as calendars and much more.


My name is William Janssens. I am a graphic designer.
I immigrated to Tanzania in 1996 from The Netherlands and through TD Tanzania, Focus design and photography I established myself as a graphic designer in Tanzania.

I designed the first yellow pages in Tanzania, presidential campaigns for President Jakaya M. Kikwete and design booklet & photography on President Benjamin Mkapa's last days in Office.
I worked for corporate Dar es Salaam like UONGOZI Institute, Swissport Tanzania, leading Luxury hotels like Hyatt Kilimanjaro, Stanbic Bank, European Union, Coca cola and Kearsley Travel and tours.

I am now back in The Netherlands, with knowledge gained in the publication industry in Tanzania. I now combine my strategic insight based of 2 decades work experience in Dar with dutch digital innovative products and current network in The Netherlands.

I prefer working on periodical publications such as annual reports or digital staff magazines where you are able to develop, build long term relationships with clients as it has more value and better results.

My dream is to build sustainable design solutions in East Africa.

For any enquiries you can call or e-mail us and see what we are all about!

About Dutch-Tembo

William Janssens
Director Dutch Tembo