Calendar design for Swissport Tanzania

William was involved with the corporate identity of Swissport Tanzania for the past 10 years.

During these years Dutch Tembo designed and printed the brochures as well as calendars for Swissport Tanzania. From the start of the conceptual phase to the finished design of the Calendar.

For a big company such as Swissport Tanzania to adhere to standards is very important. Most of the guidelines come from the headquarters in terms of colours, typefaces and grids. The style guides must be respected. For the photography we collaborated with a Tanzanian photography professional.
It was a great experience to discover that such a job can be easily outsourced.  

What were the topics to be covered, regulations, conditions and restrictions to shoot these pictures?
Based on the groundwork it was relatively easy for our photographer to execute the work. The results were amazing.

The job was delivered on time, highly appreciated and conformed to the high standards of Swissport.

Swissport Tanzania


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