Wanneer vervang je je pdf met een online magazine!

Guus Janssens heeft gedurende zijn hele carrière veel tijdschriften gemaakt, zoals The Daily Brew, Coca Cola Kwanza,  EU Nieuws Habari en Getaways Magazine.

Create beautiful designs with our template editor.

For companies who don't want complicated things but want to visually build their story quickly and easily.

Choose an industry

This determines the pictures of the blocks. With that you already create the right appearance. You can then post your own photos later or a combination of libary images and your own photos.

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Choose your style: business, creative, portfolio, brochure or blog. You can then further adjust parts such as fonts, color, and space. Finally, you choose your name for your project.

But if I build my online magazine with a template, it all looks alike, doesn't it?

The short answer is no. By using a template editor you can very quickly achieve a basic design where you have countless possibilities to match your theme to your company's identity.

For truly custom work, where defining the assignment goes far beyond the possibilities offered by a template editor, please contact us for a no-obligation quote.