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Step 1

Click on Websites in the left column.

In the general settings you can choose your navigation preference / online magazine.

Step 2

Add Website

You can choose between website wizard and blank website. Choose website wizard: branch, curated theme.

Step 3

Choose a Branch

Choose from 19 different industries that best suit your field.

Step 4

Choose a template

Then make a choice for Business, Creative, Portfolio, Brochure, Blog and select.

Step 5

Create website

Give your project / website a name. You can still change this afterwards.

Step 6

Customize your theme

Choose fonts, colors, spaces, heading, buttons and forms.

What is an online magazine?
At first glance, it looks like a website and technically it is. Yet there are a number of major differences. A website goal is primarily to be found online. A digital magazine is about conveying an often unambiguous business message to a targeted audience, for example, employees, customers or stakeholders.
You also use a database for your magazine
to be sent by e-mail WhatsApp or social media link.

The structure is like a magazine: you start linear, the beginning with page 1 and ending with the last page, so much simpler compared to a website. Furthermore, the design is easy to read on any device/screen. Your magazine can be adapted to your corporate identity. The number of visitors per page can also be measured directly via google analytics.

The motivation for choosing an online magazine is often twofold:
you are relieved of the high production costs of printing and the fact that you can measure the number of visitors per page and you developed a much better picture of your readers.

Share your publication

Publish your online magazine with your own domain name or subdomain. Depending on the nature of your publication, you share your publication via email, WhatsApp, website or social media or a combination of these.

With google analytics, you get a better overview of reading behaviour so that you can adjust your strategy in the following editions.